All of these short stories are authored by Mrs. M, with the exception of “The Return of the Outlaws” and “Higher Ways Than Ours,” two excellent stories by former Circle C annual contest winners. Enjoy!

Andi's Tarantula Trouble
 Andi loves pets, but what happens when she brings home the creepiest pet of all? Trouble! That's what!

Andi's Orphan Calf. Andi finds an abandoned calf out on the range. Now, all she needs is big brother Chad's permission to raise it. Inspired by true-life events. 

A Bicycle for Andi. This story takes place during the second term of Andi's stay at Miss Whitaker's Academy, several weeks after San Francisco Smugglers.

Chad and the Lost Mine. Circle C fans love Andi's bossy big brother Chad. Now, a twelve-year-old lands in his own mishap, taking little brother Mitch with him.

A Cattle Drive Is Not for Greenhorns. This mini-novel is set in June 1880, two months after the events in Long Ride Home. Andi has just turned twelve and goes along on a short cattle drive. (This story is the basis for what eventually became Heartbreak Trail.)

Jenny Bolt: Homecoming. Mrs. M wrote this fan fiction years ago for the TV series, Here Come the Brides. In this story, you will find the original Jenny (whom I invented for my fan fiction story). Then I changed Jenny Bolt to Jenny Grant for San Francisco Smugglers.

Adios, Jeffrey Sullivan
 This story is revised and updated from a story in the old Tales from the Circle C Ranch. To buy the book, go here >>

Stories by Two Talented Young Writers

These two stories were written by young authors who have won the Circle C annual contest at least once. 

The Return of the Outlaws. This 13,000-word novella is too long to be a true fan fiction, but Ellen won two annual contests and has also ghost-written Andi's Journal posts for me in the past, so she's "earned" her place here. Andrea Prescott faces her most difficult challenge yet. 

Higher Ways Than Ours. This 14,000-word novella is too long for a fan fiction story, but Anna won her place here by winning the 2021 Circle C annual contest. James Carter has recently been killed. How do various members of the Carter family respond and cope? 

Christmas Short Story

Andi's Christmas Mystery Twelve-year-old Andi Carter is sure Christmas 1880 will be ruined. Now that she's been to the governor's Christmas ball once (last year), it's assumed she will attend again this year. How will she survive?

More Christmas Short Stories

Read six short stories in the new Circle C 
Christmas Collection.  Collection is 43,000 words and 174 pages, ,just like a full-length Circle C novel. Great news for international readers: This book is available on Amazon. Each story takes that year's Christmas from Andi at age 8 through age 12, plus a bonus "New Year's" story from 1882 and age 14. 
Buy it on the Fan Fun Extras page and click the individual book. 

"Andi's Icy Christmas" excerpt

A special Christmas at the Carter family's remote hunting lodge in the eastern Sierra brings joy and sorrow. Can Andi endure the hardships?


  1. Do you have an update on the Christmas Collection book?

  2. I noticed that Andi's Christmas Blizzard isn't up on the coming - up audio stories on the blog, so i remembered this. Just wondering, is the book goanna be cheaper on the blog or on Amazon? If it will be offered on the blog, will it be in the fan fun pack? Or will it be a Christmas special? Thanks. I really like the cover, by the way. :)

    1. The blog price and the Amazon price are the same, and we both give free shipping, but only my website offers it autographed. :-)

    2. It will be offered individually and also in the Fun Pack (a 4-book pack now).

  3. I think that you should record all of the stories above as audiobooks. Though some are longer, I can wait for it to come out. But not the stories not penned by you unless the authors are in agreement.

    1. The stories all belong to me, so I could record them if I wanted, just like the fine print in the Annual Contest Official Rules says I can publish the winning entries and sell the book for $$ to help pay for the contest. But the stories are way too long to be able to be recorded anyway. But out of courtesy, I would have a conversation with the young author (and they would be over the moon excited about the possibility, I'm sure. LOL

  4. What happened to Andi on her 13th Christmas? Can i write about that?

    1. That was the year (January 2) Taffy foaled the twins (Thick as Thieves). So the family stayed home that Christmas. But sure! You can write about it. :-)

  5. Oh...i see. What about when she turned 15? I want to write about a Christmas not mentioned in the books


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